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e-Dictate is a free Android & Web speechnotes app that converts speech into text and translates dictation into almost all languages in the world, saves text and sends it via e-mail, SMS or other messaging apps, as well as via social networks, you can print dictated text, you can convert your dictation to a .PDF file, in one word manipulate the dictated text.

About speech to text App

Keyboardless typing...

The most reliable and accurate dictation app that converts voice to text without interference and which is specially adapted to the speaking areas of every country in the world.

  • Event

    Copy, share, export and print with one click. Automatic capitalization and distance.

  • Edit Text

    Editing text while still in dictation mode - there is no need to stop and restart.

  • Small Size

    Keeps the phone alert when it is dictated so that you can focus on your thoughts.

  • Why

    Excellent for standard texts, phrases, e-mails, greetings, which you use a lot.

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Boost typing speed

Designed for bloggers, writers, drivers, runners, business and young people, people with low vision who find it hard to find letters on the keyboard and those who prefer quick and easy typing. Speech recognition has a wide use, in all situations, as a replacement for the keyboard of your smartphone or computer.

Dictation app can be treated as a stenographer for business purposes, for the preparation of documents, writing ie. dictating blogs, SMS messages, reminders and any long and short textual content. Also, it is interesting to note that you can convert recorded audio files from your meetings, or from the Internet, into the text, and thus ease your work in terms of making reminders, statements, etc.




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Users love Speech To Text app to make text quickly

Unlike other convert voice to text app, speech recognition does not stop listening when you take a break to breathe or think. Includes an integrated keyboard so you can enjoy ease of dictating words and ease of touching for punctuation and symbols. This voice to text app is designed to make writing fast and easy.

Easy Dictation

Write short or long texts. This dictation app will not stop listening to your voice even when you make longer breaks between sentences.

Fast & Secure

Any text you dictate stays solely in your smartphone and is not typed in the cloud.

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Translates dictation into almost every language in the world, saves the text and sends it.

Save Text

Saves the text of the dictate to the internal memory of the smartphone in a .TXT file.


Speech To Text Web App

Dictate your text in the box below without using the Android speech to text app and edit your text. You need to be using Google Chrome to work properly in this application.

Sorry, this service is only available on your computer.

If you want, you can install the free e-Dictate app from the Google Play Store.

To properly dictate text, you need to activate the mic in your Google Chrome.

The guide has been prepared in .PDF format and is available and can be downloaded by clicking HERE

NOTE: e-Dictate Web App is not available for smartphones, if you want to install this app on your smartphone scan the QR code below this text or click the PRICING PLANS section.

By clicking on the desired language you can see a detailed list of voice commands, the list is made in .PDF format for each language separately.

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Select the dictation app version you want to install on your Android smartphone. In any case, you can always return to this site and dictate text on the Web version. Thank you.


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